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July 2012

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to enclose your copy of Walking with History, the sixth book in the series created for adult learners by the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies.

Walking with History is a series of ten learning units that make up a complete adult education course. These materials expose participants to some of the very best thinkers of Conservative Judaism, and their scholarship, passion and faith. They stimulate thought and discussion, and promote learning, while offering an impressive sampling of texts from our rich tradition, presented in the original and in English translation.

The book includes a series of session suggestions to guide you in mastering the material and presenting it to your adult learners. You may select which sessions to run and which texts to use for each session, so that you may customize the course in line with the needs and goals of your own community. Many of the texts are appropriate for multiple sessions. All texts may be copied and distributed to participants, and you may download PDF versions without charge from www.walkingwith.org.

We would like to express our profound thanks for the generous support of the Held Foundation, which has sponsored this project in memory of Harold Held and Louise Held. We are grateful to the members of the foundation: Melissa Held Bordy, Joseph and Lacine Held, and Robert and Lisa Held.

It is our hope and prayer that the study of this book will help our people dive deeply into our tradition in our quest to be ourselves, and that in this way we will enrich ourselves, our communities and our world.

B’virkat Shalom,

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

Abner and Roslyn Goldstine Dean’s Chair, Ziegler School

Vice President, American Jewish University

Rabbi Patricia Fenton


Yoetzet Limudei Rabbanut, Ziegler School

Manager of Public Services, Ostrow Library, American Jewish University