Gift of Soul, Gift of Wisdom: A Spiritual Resource for Mentoring and Leadership

Book Description

Each of us has the potential to become a truly great mentor. But how can we bring these gifts to our students, our children, our colleagues, and our communities? How can we build our skills as leaders and spiritual guides?

In this wide-ranging and personal book, Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson demonstrates how each of us can be a better mentor. Rabbis, cantors, and educators, teachers and parents, managers and executives--we all have the potential to give the gift of our experience, the gift of our knowledge, the gift of our souls. In a book filled with profound wisdom, spiritual guidance, and life lessons, Rabbi Artson provides us with a road map to becoming an effective mentor, answering questions such as:

§ How to reach out to others with affection

§ How to enhance our communications skills

§ How to open our personalities and our lives to others

§ How to overcome challenges that arise in the mentoring relationship

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