Rabbi Dr.Mimi Feigelson

Reb Mimi Feigelson

Mimi Feigelson

Mashpiah Ruchanit and Lecturer of Rabbinic Studies


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Doctorate – Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
M.A., Jewish Philosophy – Magna cum Laude. The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2000)
Rabbinic Ordination, Israel. (1994)
B.A., History and Special Education – Magna cum Laude. The Hebrew University in
Jerusalem (1985)
Teacher’s License for High School. The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1985)


Reb Mimi (Miriam Sara) Feigelson is an Israeli orthodox rabbi and scholar of Chassidic Thought. She was recruited in 2001 to serve as the Mashpi’ah Ruchanit (spiritual mentor) and Lecturer of Rabbinic Literature and Chassidic Thought at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. In her work at the American Jewish University she primarily teaches and counsels the rabbinical students but also regularly teaches Chassidic thought and Liturgy for the Fingerhut School of Education, and is available to the undergrad students as well. The emphasis of her work is academic excellence engaged in spiritual and religious development, as fit for the next generation of Conservative Rabbis. Along with her colleagues she is a regular contributor to Today’s Torah, Ziegler’s virtual Torah learning program. Her weekly ‘Chassidic Chabura’, (www.zieglerpodcasts.com), Chassidic commentaries on the Torah portion and prayer, along with periodic collaborative teaching with other Ziegler faculty draws students and listeners from the international Jewish community. This year she has dedicated the learning to the Wisdom of Rabbi Klonimus Kalman Shapiro of Piasetzna, “The Warsaw Ghetto Rabbi”, highlighting his educational and meditative manifests. As an integral element of being the Mashpiah Ruchanit of the School,  Reb Mimi maintains a strong connection with the Ziegler Alumni and escorts them in their Rabbinate.
In addition to her work at the AJU she is a frequent guest lecturer at the local high schools and synagogues of Los Angeles and Southern California. She is Scholar-in-Residence in many Jewish communities and organizations throughout the USA. Internationally she has taught in Canada, England, the F.S.U and engaged in interfaith dialogue for many years in India. When returning home to Jerusalem she continues to teach there as well.
Currently Reb Mimi has embarked on perusing a Doctorate at HUC-JIR, titled: “On the Cusp of Life: From Scared to Sacred”. It is an exploration of redefining funerals and cemeteries.
In 2010 Reb Mimi was recognized by The Forward as one of the fifty most influential female Rabbis in the USA.

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