Aryeh Cohen, PhD

Aryeh Cohen

Aryeh Cohen, PhD

Professor of Rabbinic Literature

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Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, American Jewish University, Rabbi 2010
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Departments of Philosophy and Jewish Thoughts, B.A.  1988
Brandeis University, Deparment of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies,   M.A.  1992
Brandeis University, Deparment of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies,   Ph.D.  1996
Shalom Hartman Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, Jerusalem, Research Fellow and Member of the Institute’s Center for Medicine, Ethics and Halakha,  1982-88
Dartmouth College, School of Criticism and Theory, 1986-88



Aryeh Cohen, Ph.D. is a Professor of Rabbinic Literature at American Jewish University where he has held an appointment since 1995. He was Chair of Jewish Studies in the College of Arts and Science from 1995-2000 and Chair of Rabbinic Studies in the Ziegler School from 2001-2005.

 Dr. Cohen has also taught at Hebrew Union College/Jewish Institute of Religion, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and at Brandeis University.  Dr. Cohen is one of the founders of the Shtibl, a Hassidic egalitarian minyan, which combines the passion of ecstatic prayer with commitments to egalitarianism and social justice.



He is the author of Rereading Talmud: Gender, Law and the Poetics of Sugyot, and co-editor of Beginning/Again: Towards a Hermeneutics of Jewish Texts. He is also a member of the Sh’ma advisory board, and an editor of the on-line journal Textual Reasoning. Cohen is a popular lecturer on Talmud, social justice, politics and on the contemporary Jewish scene. His writing on these topics and others has been published in Conservative Judasim, Sh'ma, The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, The Association of Jewish Studies Review, Tikkun, The Reconstructionist, Kerem, The Jewish Spectator, The Jewish Journal and on-line at and


Additional Professional Accomplishments

  • Board member of the Society for Textual Reasoning and the Progressive Jewish Alliance
  • Past president of the Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA). 
    • Founded the Jewish Community Justice Project in partnership with Bet Tshuvah-trains mediators to help bring resolution to non-violent crimes by facilitating a conversation between victim and offender.
    • Wrote and taught much of the text study curriculum, and is also a mediator with the program.
  • Participant in groundbreaking project at the Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton University called “The Scriptural Reasoning Group, “which brings together Christian, Moslem and Jewish Scholars to study their holy texts together and to learn from each other.
  • Member of an ongoing seminar of Moslem and Jewish scholars studying legal texts of the two traditions, sponsored by the University of Toronto.
  • Member of the Scriptural Reasoning group at Cambridge University in England.

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