Course Grading Policy

Throughout the rabbinic study, the Ziegler school aims to prepare students for teaching in the religious settings that typify  the ways in which American Jews generally learn and to foster and assist students in refining their own theology, observance, and spirit. As an accredited university, the Ziegler School employs a uniform grading policy that ensures objectivity and uniformity in measuring the highest standards of learning in each student.

Grades are assigned for all classes offered for all years of the program. At the conclusion of the program, students will be ordained as rabbi and awarded a Master's  Degree in Rabbinic Studies (i.e. fifth-year students participate in  the university Graduation Ceremony at which their degree is conferred upon them.)

In order to receive credit for the rabbinical school program and MARS degree, a grade of C or better must be achieved in each class.  While a D is not a failing grade, the class will need to be retaken to count towards the degree and ordination.

In the event that a student does fail a course or receive lower than a C, the student must repeat the course to replace the mark of F or D with a C or higher. In the event of an F, the student will be placed on probation until the fail mark has been cleared from his or her transcript. To remain in good standing, a student will not be allowed to have more than two fail marks on a transcript at any one time. If there are more than two fails at any time, the student is not in good standing and is subject to dismissal at the dean's discretion. In order to be ordained, a student will need to have passed all required courses with a grade of C or higher.  Students are responsible for checking their grade reports after each semester. Any discrepancies must be reported in writing to the Office of the Registrar within six months from the date the grades are issued.

For graded courses, grades are defined as follows: A, excellent; B, good; C, satisfactory; D, poor; F, failure; I, incomplete (see  
separate section for more information); W, withdrawal without penalty; P, passing.

For computing grade-point average, the numerical equivalents are as follows:


A = 4.0;

A- = 3.7;

B+ = 3.3;

B = 3.0;

B- = 2.7;

C+ = 2.3;

C = 2.0;

C- = 1.7;

D+ = 1.3;

D = 1.0;

D- = 0.7;

F = 0.0.