Adding and Withdrawing from Courses

Students may add or withdraw from courses as follows:

Weeks One and Two: During the first two weeks of class, students may drop any course for which they have registered, though students should be aware of the course requirements of their programs. Adding, dropping or withdrawing from a class requires the permission of the class instructor and the appropriate Academic Dean. There will be no fee for such changes, and dropped courses will not appear on the student's transcript. To add, drop or withdraw from a course, the student must complete the appropriate forms obtained from the Office of the Registrar, have it signed by the instructor and by the assistant dean in charge of academic scheduling. Once it has been signed, the student is responsible for filing it with the Registrar’s office.

Non-attendance in classes does not constitute withdrawal from a course. Students should attend class until petitions are returned indicating that the request has been approved or denied. Any exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Dean of the Ziegler School.

Weeks Three Through Eight: During the third through the eighth week of class, students may withdraw from courses only with the approval of the instructor and the Dean of the Ziegler School. Students will receive a Withdrawal on their transcript for these courses.

After Week Eight: Withdrawals are not permitted after the eighth week. Students may petition in the case of accident or serious illness, when the cause of the withdrawal is clearly beyond the student's control, and where the assignment of an Incomplete is not practical. Students requesting such a withdrawal must complete the appropriate forms in the Office of the Registrar and receive the permission of the instructor and the appropriate Academic Dean. Should the petition be approved, a grade of W will then be recorded on the transcript.