Local Los Angeles Neighborhoods and the Pico-Robertson Area


The Ziegler School is surrounded by a number of neighborhoods with active Jewish communities and strong Conservative synagogues.

  • Many rabbinical students choose to live in an area known as “Pico-Robertson” (derived from the two principal cross streets, Pico Boulevard and Robertson Avenue, in the center of the neighborhood). This neighborhood is the preferred choice of many students, as it includes a vibrant Conservative synagogue with a havurah (lay-led) service on Shabbat and holidays. Furthermore, Pico-Robertson offers a large number of Kosher restaurants, Jewish bookstores and gift shops and a variety of Jewish educational and social activities. Perhaps most importantly, however, it provides students with the convenience of living within close proximity to many others while having access to a larger Jewish social circle.
    Some students also choose to live in Venice. For those that choose this neighborhood, its appeal is that it is located near the beach and within walking distance of a small, informal Conservative congregation which stresses full inclusion and participation.

  • Others, particularly those with families, live in the San Fernando Valley, Encino or Valley Village, where they often find that they can get more space for the same monthly payments. Both are located close to larger, vibrant Conservative synagogues with a day school, family programming, and multiple minyanim for Shabbat and holidays. In addition, both neighborhoods are also in close proximity to Kosher restaurants, Jewish bookstores and gift shops and other Jewish educational and social activities.

  • Ziegler School students who plan to live off campus are advised to come to Los Angeles to search and secure an apartment at least one month before the start of the rabbinical school orientation. The largest number of apartments are found online, by reading the classified section of the Los Angeles Times and walking or driving in the neighborhood in search of rental signs.

  • The Ziegler School office will be happy to speak with students about their housing options during their search.

Typically, housing is not difficult to find. Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment typically ranges from $900 to $1200. Two-bedroom apartments run from $1500 to $1,850.