Transfer Students


The Ziegler School accepts applications from students interested in transferring from other rabbinical schools.  Such applications are not uncommon.  The Ziegler School understands that students’ theological commitments, academic interests and professional aspirations often change during rabbinic training and that these changes may lead students to explore other rabbinical schools.  Candidates considering a transfer from another rabbinical school should speak with the Dean of Admissions of the Ziegler School to discuss ways in which the Ziegler School might be a more appropriate setting for their studies, and to get a general sense of how their work at their original rabbinical school might earn credit towards Ziegler School graduation.  Depending on individual circumstances and background, the committee will often consider transfer applicants after the official application deadline.

The Ziegler School has a minimal residency policy of three full academic years.  Formal reviews of course work and advanced placement decisions are typically made after completion of the Admissions process.

Credit can be awarded and/or course exemptions can be approved for courses taken at another accredited graduate school of Rabbinic Studies or equivalent that either closely match our own courses or closely match the course objectives. Students can petition their academic advisor by submitting course description and syllabus for the course taken and transcript which shows successful completion of the course and credit granted. For credit to be considered, a student must have received a minimum grade of C.