Bachelor of Literature (B.LIT.) Program


Students who are interested in the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies but who have not been admitted for the Fall in which they hope to begin studying may also apply to the Bachelor of Literature program. Admission to this program is very limited. It is designed for students who for unforeseeable reasons (such as studying abroad in a country in which the Ziegler School does not offer admissions interviews) could not complete the application in a timely fashion. In certain cases, the B.LIT. also may be made available to students who were not granted admission to the Ziegler School, but for whom the Committee on Admissions felt that a year’s study on the American Jewish University campus might effectively prepare the candidate for admission the following year.

The course of study in the B.LIT. program is identical to that of the first year of the Ziegler School Ordination program. Admission to the B.LIT. program does not guarantee admission to the Ordination program. However, course work from the B.LIT. may be applied to the Ordination program if the student is later accepted into that program. Students admitted to the B.LIT. program are eligible for financial aid, subject to all other financial aid policies. An interview with the full Committee on Admissions is not required for the B.LIT. program, however an interview with the Dean’s office is necessary. Candidates who wish to begin with the B.LIT. program and then transfer to the regular Ordination program will meet the Committee on Admissions during the Spring Semester of the year they are studying as B.LIT. students. Admissions to the B.LIT. program are granted on a space availability basis after offers of admission have been made to students who have completed the standard Ziegler School admissions procedure. Candidates interested in the B.LIT. program should consult with the assistant dean in charge of admissions to discuss whether their particular circumstances make them eligible for the program.