Recommendation Forms


Each applicant should arrange for personal, academic or character references to be submitted.  You are responsible for contacting the people who will be submitting recommendations on your behalf.  Please print your name on each of the Recommendation Formsenclosed recommendation forms and distribute them.  Sign the form to indicate whether or not you are willing to relinquish your right to see the recommendation.  Provide your references with a stamped envelope addressed to the Admissions Office, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, American Jewish University, 15600 Mulholland Drive , Bel Air, CA 90077.  The application has a section for you to indicate the names of those whom you have asked to write on your behalf.  

Your references should be individuals who know you well and can offer the Committee pertinent information about your academic and/or personal qualities.  You are expected to have a minimum of four recommendations submitted on your behalf.  We recommend one come from your rabbi.  For those who have more recently participated in another academic program, we recommend two be academic references.  Other appropriate recommenders might be an employer or Jewish community leader who knows you well.

If you have any difficulty obtaining references from people in these roles, feel free to speak with the Dean of Admissions to discuss other acceptable recommendations.  Each applicant is, of course, eager to represent him or herself in the best possible light.  As a result, at times, applicants may ask if they can submit additional recommendations above and beyond the four required ones.  The Admissions Committee is pleased to have the reflections from others on your behalf, however, Please do not submit more than five recommendations.