Admissions Application and Materials

You can request an admissions packet to the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies online, or by writing, calling or sending an E-mail message to  our Assistant Dean for Admissions, Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits :

The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
15600 Mulholland Drive
Bel Air, California 90077-1599

(310) 476-9777, ext. 510
Toll Free: (888) 853-6763

In the application packet, you will find an application form, four recommendation forms and a list of essay questions. You will be asked to submit seven copies of your essays so that each member of the Committee on Admissions can read them before your admissions interview.

Please note: Applications and all supporting documentation are due January 11 prior to the fall semester for which you are applying.