Our Place within the University - Message from the President


Dr. Robert WexlerThe Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies is one of the most optimistic enterprises in American Jewish life. It assumes that Judaism in this country will continue to flourish and that the rabbi will stand at its center.

A successful rabbi must be someone who has mastered the texts and traditions of our people. But that is not enough. A rabbi for the 21st century must learn how to relate the lessons of our heritage to the personal and social concerns of the American Jew.

Rabbinical study may seem daunting, but there are few career paths that provide as much satisfaction to those who embark upon them. You will have an unparalleled opportunity to serve the spiritual needs of the individual Jew while, at the same time, affecting the course of American Judaism.

The Ziegler School is remarkable in that it is a rabbinical college residing within a general university – a Conservative Jewish seminary within a larger, non-affiliated Jewish institution. In this way, our students are exposed to people from all walks of Jewish life or, in other words, they get to know the people whom they hope one day to serve.

At the Ziegler School, we are constantly re-evaluating our programs and fine-tuning our curriculum. We hope that characteristic of our community will not change. Since the American rabbinate is dynamic rather than static, we seek to have a school that continually changes and develops along with Jewish life. We are open to innovation and invite you to be an important part of that process.

Dr. Robert Wexler