1 . Academic Records and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

  Each application must include transcripts from any accredited college or university an applicant has attended.  You should ask all colleges and universities (secular and Jewish) that you have attended to send one official copy of your transcript directly to

2 . Admissions Application and Materials

  You can request an admissions packet to the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies online, by writing, calling or sending an E mail message to The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies15600 Mulholland Drive, Bel Air California 90077 1599 (310) 440-1380

3 . Application Deadline

  Application and all supporting materials for the academic year beginning in September are due no later than January 1 prior to the Fall an applicant hopes to enroll.

4 . Bachelor of Literature (B.LIT.) Program

  Students who are interested in the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies but who have not been admitted for the Fall in which they hope to begin studying may also apply to the Bachelor of Literature program. Admission to this

5 . General Information for International Students

  International students seeking admission to the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies must submit documents attesting to their previous educational achievements. All documents in languages other than English (including Hebrew) must be accompanied by a properly notarized translation. All students

6 . General Prerequisites to Applying for Admission

  To apply for admission to the Ziegler  School of  Rabbinic Studies , applicants must have A bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) from an accredited college or university. Normally, the Admissions Committee expects a grade point

7 . Non-Discrimination Statement

  Admission to the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies is open to qualified students without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin or physical handicap.

8 . Photograph and Application Fee

  Your application must be accompanied by an application fee of $50 and one passport size photograph.  A photograph will not influence our decision however, associating your face with your name does help us to remember you as a person

9 . Policy on Deferral

  The Ziegler School does not generally grant deferrals on offers of admission. Students who are admitted but who choose to delay matriculation for a year are typically required to re activate their application for admission by January 1 prior

10 . Preliminary Meeting with Dean’s Office

Before applying to the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, a prospective student must arrange a preliminary interview through the Dean’s office. This purpose of this meeting is to get to know one another, and for both the candidate and the school

11 . Preparation for Rabbinic School

  Those interested in becoming Conservative rabbis have a wide array of background in Judaica prior to beginning their rabbinic studies. The curriculum of the Ziegler School meets the needs of those students interested in the rabbinate who are at

12 . Recommendation Forms

  Each applicant should arrange for personal, academic or character references to be submitted.  You are responsible for contacting the people who will be submitting recommendations on your behalf.  Please print your name on each of the enclosed recommendation forms and

13 . Residency Requirements

 Residency Requirements

14 . Spouses of Rabbinical Students

  Some students in the Ziegler School arrive on campus already married others may get married while they are enrolled. The Ziegler School does its best to provide rabbinical students’ spouses a supportive environment in which to grow Jewishly and

15 . The Admissions Process

Since the Ziegler School opened its doors, there has been widespread interest in the program. These are very exciting times in the Jewish world, and never has the need for learned, energetic and creative Jewish leaders been

16 . The Essays

  The questions that will form the basis of your essays are found on the application material.  In writing the essays, please keep in mind that many of the members of the Committee will get to know you primarily through

17 . Transfer Students

  The Ziegler School accepts applications from students interested in transferring from other rabbinical schools.  Such applications are not uncommon.  The Ziegler School understands that students’ theological commitments, academic interests and professional aspirations often change during rabbinic training and that

18 . Your Admissions Interview

  A selected number of applicants to the Ziegler School will receive an interview with the Committee on Admissions.  The Committee meets at American Jewish University in February or March of each year.  Usually, there are also interviews in Jerusalem