1 . A Home for Innovative Thinking

  The Ziegler Schoolwas conceived to train a new generation of Conservative rabbis to address the spiritual needs of a changing North American Jewry. Ours is an era in which Jews are asking "Why be Jewish?" with greater urgency than

2 . A Place we call home – Sense of Community

  The Ziegler School not only respects, but also rejoices in the unique gifts and qualities of each student. Each person has deeply personal ways of expressing a commitment to God and to Jewish tradition. Yet when all is said and

3 . American Jewish University

  “The attractiveness of the Conservative Movement, from the time of Solomon Schechter, is that it is to be a movement for K’lal Israel, for the entire Jewish people. The university must be a school for the entire Jewish people

4 . Guidelines For Religious Practice

    Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson Introduction Judaism is a millennia old love affair between God and the Jewish people, taking the form of a brit (covenant). As with any committed relationship, proper intention (kavanah), while essential, is not sufficient

5 . Letter from the Academic Dean

  Message from the Dean of the Ziegler School  Shalom Thank you for your interest in the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and American Jewish University We’re delighted with the rapid growth and development of this unique and challenging environment,

6 . Mission Statement of Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies

 The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies fosters an unprecedented blend of academic rigor, emotional warmth and openness, traditional and innovative spirit in the service of God, Torah, and Israel. The School fuses the methods and findings of the academic study

7 . Our Place within the University - Message from the President

  The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies is one of the most optimistic enterprises in American Jewish life. It assumes that Judaism in this country will continue to flourish and that the rabbi will stand at its center. A successful

8 . Personal Growth and Development

While in the program, Ziegler students are encouraged to open themselves to spiritual and personal development. In the process of considering and or training for the rabbinate, a person will undoubtedly be exploring questions of belief, ideology and personal conviction.