1 . A Career in the Rabbinate

  The decision to enter the rabbinate is an exciting and complex one. For those committed to the service of God and devoted to the Jewish people, the rabbinate offers the daily combination of challenge and opportunity infused with personal

2 . A New Vision of the Rabbinate

  Today, Jewish communities are thriving in an unprecedented renaissance, where Jews are hungrily seeking knowledge, spiritual renewal, connection to God, and a sense of identity through an exploration of their history, culture, language, values and traditions.  Rabbis are integral

3 . Conservative Judaism

 Conservative Judaism God and the Jewish People share a reciprocal bond of love, which expresses itself in our biblical brit (covenant) "you shall be My people, and I shall be Your God." While often misunderstood, the Jewish claim of being

4 . Immerse Yourself in the Journey

  Words from Rabbi Lynne Kern recent Ziegler Graduate  There are times when we doubt our capability, our intelligence, our inner strength. We focus on the task, the davar taking it apart, putting it back together, dreaming of success, fearing

5 . Organizations and Institutions of the Conservative Movement

 For more than 30 years American Jewish University has been a proud partner in training and educating future Conservative rabbis along with the Rabbinical Assembly, the international arm of Conservative Rabbis which links together the five seminaries located throughout the world.

6 . Philosophy/Background of CJ

  As a Conservative Rabbinical School, the Ziegler School is dedicated to the philosophy, principles and values as inspired by Simon Greenberg, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Mordecai Kaplan, and other such great modern visionaries. It is their influence that continues to

7 . Placement after Ordination

  In becoming members of the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative Movement, graduates of the Ziegler Schoolenjoy the full benefits of membership including ongoing training, advocacy and professional placement services. During the final year of Rabbinic Studies, students are involved